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Estate Planning

We will help you prepare your will, trust, powers of attorney or any other document necessary to assist in your estate planning.


We will guide you through the legal process of probating the estate of a loved one who has died with or without a last will and testament.

Trust estate administration:

We will provide guidance through the process of estate administration with a revocable or living trust.


We will assist you in the legal process of taking care of a person who is not capable of managing his or her own personal or financial matters.


We will assist you with contested matters, such as will and guardianship contests and trust disputes.  These services are primarily provided in our San Antonio office.

Corporate & Partnership

We will sit down with you to determine which type of entity is best for you and then help you form the entity.  We aim to maximize asset protection while minimizing tax burden.  We will also help you with issues such as corporate governance and state compliance.  There are several entity choices available:

  1. Partnership: general (GP), limited (LP) and family limited partnerships (FLP)
  2. Corporations: C-corps and S-corp
  3. Limited Liability Company: LLC